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Dr. Ruben Coen Cagli, Ph.D.

Ruben Coen Cagli, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Systems & Computational Biology

Assistant Professor, Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience

Areas of Research: Neural computation in sensory processing

Professional Interests

Our lab studies neural computation to advance understanding of how the brain produces perceptual experiences and guides behavior. Broad research topics in the lab include Natural vision: Why computers can beat us at chess but don’t come close (yet) to our ability of understanding the world around us through our eyes? Behavioral variability: Why it is so hard to make 100 free throws in a row even if the basket doesn’t move? Uncertainty in perceptual decision-making: How do we decide when it is safe to cross the road in heavy fog? We address these topics from the perspective of probabilistic inference, and develop computational models and experiments to probe how networks of neurons interact when evaluating the probability of different possible interpretations of the sensory input. We follow a highly interdisciplinary approach that combines theories of neural coding, advanced methods in machine learning and computer vision, psychophysics experiments, and in vivo electrophysiology through collaborations. In the longer run, we hope this research will contribute to elucidating how the brain produces the vivid, coherent, stable percepts we experience in everyday life; and to advancing technologies that could restore impaired vision and enhance normal vision.

Selected Publications

(2018) R. Coen-Cagli,S.S.. SolomonNeural response variability and divisive normalization. Biorxiv.

(2018) J. Vacher, P. Mamassian, R. Coen-CagliAn ideal observer model to probe human visual segmentation of natural images. ArXiv:1806.00111.

(2017) R. Coen-Cagli, I. Kanitscheider, A. Pouget, AA method to estimate the number of neurons supporting visual orientation discrimination in primates. F1000Research, 6:1752.

(2017) M. Snow, R. Coen-Cagli, O. Schwartz, Adaptation in visual cortex: a case for probing neural populations with natural stimuli. F1000Research, 6:1246.

(2016) A. Kohn, R. Coen-Cagli, I. Kanitscheider, A. Pouget, Correlations and neuronal population informationAnnual Reviews of Neuroscience. 39:237-256.

(2016) M. Snow, R. Coen-Cagli, O. Schwartz, Specificity and timescales of cortical adaptation as inferences about natural movie statistics. Journal of Vision 16(13):1.

(2015) I. Kanitscheider*, R. Coen-Cagli*, A. Pouget, The origin of information-limiting noise correlations. PNAS, 112(50): E6973-E6982

(2015) R. Coen-Cagli, A. Kohn*, O. Schwartz*, Flexible Gating of Contextual Modulation During Natural Vision. Nature Neuroscience, 18: 1648–1655

(2015) I. Kanitscheider*, R. Coen-Cagli*, A. Kohn, A. Pouget, Measuring Fisher Information Accurately in Correlated Neural Populations. PLoS Computational Biology, 11(6): e1004218

(2013) R. Coen-Cagli, O. Schwartz, The Impact on Mid-Level Vision of Statistically Optimal Divisive Normalization in V1. Journal of Vision13(8):13

(2013) O. Schwartz, R. Coen-CagliVisual Attention and Flexible Normalization Pools. Journal of Vision13(1):25

(2012) R. Coen-Cagli, P. Dayan, O. Schwartz, Cortical Surround Interactions and Perceptual Salience Via Natural Scene StatisticsPLoS Computational Biology, 8(3): e1002405.

(2009) R. Coen-Cagli, P. Coraggio, P. Napoletano, O. Schwartz, M. Ferraro, G. Boccignone, Visuomotor Characterization of Eye Movements in a Drawing Task. Vision Research 49, 810-818

(2008) R. Coen-Cagli, P. Napoletano, P. Coraggio, G. Boccignone, What the Draughtsman's Hand Tells the Draughtsman's Eye: A Sensorimotor Account of Drawing. International Journal of Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, IJPRAI 22(5): 1015-1029

(2007) R. Coen-Cagli, P. Coraggio, P. Napoletano, DrawBot | A Bio-Inspired Robotic Portraitist. Digital Creativity Journal. Routledge. 18, 1.


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