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Dr. Thomas Zucker-Scharff, B.S.

Thomas Zucker-Scharff, B.S.

Associate, Department of Cell Biology

Areas of Research: All things computer related with regards to the Albert Einstein Cancer Center. Including, but not limited to: websites, malware, ransomware, NIHPA compliance, publications, EndNote, Automation, computer & online security.

Professional Interests

Mr. Zucker-Scharff is the Information Technology (IT) and Systems Manager for the Center. As a certified professional with extensive computer expertise, he is responsible for the flow of information among AECC staff, members and the public. He is a member and AECC representative on the Committee on Information Technology at Einstein.  Mr. Zucker-Scharff manages the AECC central fileserver and is responsible for computer security, system stability, and data integrity, and implementing system updates as required. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of all components of the AECC website, member email LISTSERV, and electronic survey tools. Mr. Zucker-Scharff manages the centralized publications database of AECC members, which is updated weekly through automated scripts to PubMed. In addition to ongoing database maintenance, annually he coordinates formal verification of each member’s publications, research productivity, and utilization of CCSG-supported Shared Resources. Mr. Zucker-Scharff is the primary information resource for all AECC computer hardware and software purchases and advises on the best configurations for all workstations. Additionally, Mr. Zucker-Scharff provides assistance to AECC members on both instrumentation and software applications.


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