Albert Einstein College of Medicine Jacobi/Montefiore Residency Program

Dr. John Gallagher,
Professor and
Department Chair
The Emergency Medicine Residency Program of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine was established in 1975 at Jacobi Medical Center. It was the first residency in Emergency Medicine in New York City and is one of the oldest programs in the country. The addition in 1996 of Montefiore Medical Center as a second training site established an ideal educational environment by coupling Jacobi's strength as a community-based, municipal hospital and trauma center with the tremendous resources of a tertiary care, university hospital.  Emergency Medicine has full academic departmental status within the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

The PGY 1-4 training format that took effect in July 2006 allows residents to be fully integrated into the program in the first post-graduate year of training and be introduced at the introductory level to Emergency Medicine.  


The combination of experiences at Jacobi and Montefiore provides our residents with an incredibly diverse and rewarding education in Emergency Medicine. Our residents learn compassionate and socially sensitive care of patients from all walks of life and all parts of the world. At the same time, the combined Jacobi-Montefiore experience provides our residents with the tools they will need to be successful practitioners and leaders in the field. [more]

Medical Students

A four week Emergency Medicine elective is available to allow students to experience the diverse and unique nature of our training program; the fast pace of a busy urban trauma center and the vast pathology of a tertiary care, University Hospital. [more]