Student Affairs

Student Wellness: WellMed

WellMed: Physicians deliver the best care to their patients when they are healthy and balanced, and by focusing on wellness during the formative years of medical school, students can become better healers and role models to their patients. WellMed’s goal is to provide opportunities for students to develop resilience by supporting the adoption of habits and attitudes that will contribute to their balance and positive well-being throughout their lives as physicians.

WellMed supports these goals in eight areas of wellness:

  • Health: Practicing preventive medicine starting with ourselves
  • Emotional: Recognizing and managing feelings in a healthy way
  • Physical: Making exercise and physical activity a part of daily life
  • Nutritional: Supporting students in making healthy diet choices
  • Spiritual: Providing opportunities for students to find harmony with themselves and others
  • Intellectual: Supporting students’ acquisition of new information throughout the curriculum
  • Social: Building and Maintaining healthy relationships
  • Financial: Understanding debt management
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