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Department of Neurosurgery

X504 Subinternship in Neurosurgery (Montefiore Medical Center)
The Subinternship in Neurological Surgery is available to all students who wish an introduction to clinical neurosurgery and participate in the care of patients with neurological diseases requiring surgery. He/She will be closely associated with the Neurosurgical resident staff and join them on ward rounds and in all their activities. The evaluation of patients will emphasize the neurological history and examination. The student will have an opportunity to observe or assist in the diagnostic neuroradiologic procedures, bedside diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and in the operating room. The student will be an active participant in the conferences of the Department at Montefiore Medical Center (Moses Division).  Case studies and presentations to a member of the faculty will be made twice a week. It is expected that a "mini-presentation" will be prepared on a subject of interest to the student prior to the end of the module. Many videotapes of operative procedures are available in the Department so that the student can study neurosurgical operative technique and appreciate the appearance of tumors, aneurysms, etc. without the need for long periods of time in the operating room. A departmental library is available for the student's use and a suggested reading list will be provided. The Subinternship is particularly designed for those with a serious interest in pursuing further study in Neurological Surgery, Neurology, or for those with career goals in other fields of medicine who would like to gain a more intimate appreciation of Neurological Surgery.


Eugene Flamm, MD
Contact: Maria Camacho,
Modules: All
Maximum: 3
First day meet Montefiore Medical Center, Neurosurgery Office, 3316 Rochambeau at 7:30AM 

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