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Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

A403 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (Montefiore Medical Center)
Students will rotate at one of three campuses (MOSES, WEILER and Hutchinson MetroCenter) and participate in the full scope of activities associated with the service including: office hours and clinic visits, OR and hospital ward rounds. They will have exposure to the broad range of activities (both clinical and didactic ) and learn about the full scope and nature of plastic surgical care of patients.

Teresa Benacquista, MD
Contact: Ms. Aggie Gustafsson, 718-696-2581, 
Modules: All
Maximum: 5
Students must call prior to the start of the elective for meeting time and location.

A500 Burn Surgery (Jacobi Medical Center)
 **Visiting students are encouraged to contact the course director prior to registration**
The Burn Unit at Jacobi Medical Center is one of the busiest burn units in the state of New York. Founded more than 40 years ago, it admits approximately 200 patients per year and manages 1,400 ambulatory visits annually. The service provides initial lifesaving intervention, critical care, primary and secondary surgical reconstruction, rehabilitation, and outpatient specialty follow up.  Burn fellows, plastic and reconstructive surgery residents, general surgery residents and physician assistants staff the burn unit. Functioning essentially as a subintern, the student will fully participate in the care of all burn patients and be assigned specific patients as they are admitted during the elective.  He/She will be given responsibility for all phases of clinical management of the burn patient. Detailed care of both critically injured burn patients as well as routine care of less-seriously injured burn patients will be included. He/She will present and discuss patients at daily rounds. The student will participate in weekly didactic activities and conferences presented by house staff and faculty.  By scrubbing in the operating room, he/she will develop many skills necessary for the operative treatment of the burn patient. Pre and postoperative care will be offered in an ICU setting, providing the student with a solid foundation in critical care.  Moreover, the student will have the opportunity to follow patients in the outpatient setting so as to maintain continuity of care. The student will be closely supervised, but will have increasing responsibility in the day-to-day clinical setting, complementing nursing, physical and occupational therapy, social service, rehabilitation medicine, and other ancillary services. Students will take on site call (complying with 405 regulations and ACGME guidelines) accompanied by a burn fellow and will be responsible for patients admitted during their on-call days in conjunction with other house officers. As the burn service functions under the auspices of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Jacobi, the student will also gain exposure to plastic and reconstructive surgical patients in the operating room, emergency department, and clinics.

Learning objectives of elective: Learning objectives of the burn elective aspire to achieve Einstein Educational Competencies as follows:
Competency A: Physician as healer
Competency B: Physician as scientist
Competency C: Physician as advocate
Competency D: Physician as educator
Competency E: Physician as colleague
Competency F: Physician as role model
Competency G: Physician as life-long learner

1. Learn burn physiology and nutrition in all types of injuries (thermal, electrical, chemical and inhalation injuries). [Competency A, B, G].
2. Recite the pathologic response to disruption of normal skin anatomy and physiology. [Competency A, B, G].
Outline the principles of immunologic alteration, and bacteriologic pathology of the burn wound. [Competency A, B, G].
Learn the immediate care of burn patients and associated wounds. [Competency A, B, G].
Discuss the acute and sub-acute options for burn wound coverage and closure. [Competency A, B, G].
5. Discuss essential principles of plastic surgery in approaching burn reconstruction. [Competency A, B, G].
Describe the physical, emotional, and occupational rehabilitation of the burn patient. [Competency A, B, E, F, G].
Appreciate the critical mandate to educate communities in burn prevention to ensure patient safety and high quality of care. [Competency C, D, E, F].
Appreciate the roles and contributions of the various members of the interdisciplinary team involved in the care of the burn patient in accordance with the principles of system based practice. [Competency E, F].
Assimilate the scientific method in evidence based medical practice to improve the care of the burn patient. [Competency A, B, G].

Learning experience:
-Participate in daily morning rounds in the burn unit.
-Participate in daily interdisciplinary rounds in the burn unit.
-Participate in didactic conferences given by house staff and faculty discussing topics on burn care and management.
-Manage critically ill patients in the burn unit under the direct supervision of faculty and senior burn fellows.
-Staff burn and plastics cases in the operating room.
-Staff burn, plastics, and hand clinics.
-Consult in the emergency department and floors along with senior burn fellows and faculty.
-Present cases at burn rounds.
-Consult and interact with other services.
-Take on site call accompanied by a burn fellow in compliance with 405 and ACGME guidelines.

Method of student feedback and evaluation: Students will be evaluated using the standard Albert Einstein College of Medicine evaluation form currently used for 4th year surgical electives. Evaluation and feedback will come at the end of each two-week period.

Ralph Wm. Liebling, MD
Contact: Ms. Connie Casatelli,
Modules: All
Max: 2 students
On the first day students report to Burn Unit (Jacobi Medical Center, Building #6, Second Floor 2A) at 7AM

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