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Department of Orthopaedic Surgery (2014)

 A502 Orthopaedic Surgery Research (Montefiore Medical Center)
**Not Available to Visiting Students**
**Restricted Registration:
Must contact course director prior to registration for approval
The orthopaedic research rotation offers the 4th year medical student the opportunity to focus his/her time on clinical or biomechanical orthopaedic research intended to compliment the clinical orthopaedic experience. Students are assigned a project which has significant clinical or scientific orthopaedic relevance and which is of interest to them. They are expected to begin and make significant progress with the project under the mentorship and guidance of a faculty member and at times in collaboration with an orthopaedic resident. They will have the opportunity to participate in selected clinical experiences as they pertain to their research project however the primary objective is to introduce them to and guide them through a successful relevant research project.
Learning objectives:  Research project design and implementation
Method of student feedback and evaluation:  Verbal

David Geller, MD
Modules: All dates available - however student may require more than 4 weeks in order to accomplish goals and may require Special Elective Form (contact the Registrar’s Office for more details)
Maximum: 1 (total number all modules 4)

A505 Adult Orthopaedic Surgery (MMC-Moses, Weiler Hospital, MMC-Wakefield, Jacobi Medical Ctr)
**Restricted Registration: Must contact course director prior to registration for approval
This rotation offer the 4th year medical student an opportunity to participate in the management of patients with musculoskeletal injury and disease. Rotating students will have a chance to join the Orthopaedic team on the ward, in the ER, in the Operating Room, and in the outpatient settings.  It is the goal of the rotation to have the student gain experience in musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment. While both rotations will enable the student to experience a wide range of Orthopaedic problems, the Jacobi experience will have greater emphasis on high energy trauma. Electives can take place at the Moses Division, the Weiler Division, and the Jacobi Medical Center. The resident day begins at 7:00am. Your chief resident and location will be determined by your elective assignment.

Konrad Gruson, MD

Contact: Ms. Donna Chinea, Residency Coordinator at 347-577-4410 or 
Modules: All
Maximum 4
On the first day students report to: Chief Resident at Weiler Hospital cafeteria at 6:30AM

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