Registrar Office

Department of Anatomy & Structural Biology (2014)

A100* Human Gross Anatomy Reviews
Anatomical review of selected regions of the human body at an advanced level in preparation for residencies in surgically-oriented specialties as well as diagnostic imaging and radiology. Students are required to participate in daily morning dissection laboratories. Regions of the body covered in different modules are:

A100A Human Gross Anatomy-Back, Thorax & Abdomen
Module 3B only

A100B Human Gross Anatomy-Pelvis & Perinem
Module 4A only

A100C Human Gross Anatomy-Head & Neck
Module 4B only

A100D Human Gross Anatomy-Upper & Lower Limb
Module 5A only

Todd R. Olson, MD
(718) 430-2847
Maximum: 10 Students

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