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Department of Emergency Medicine (2015)

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Emergency Medicine rotations, and to allow as many students to rotate through the facility, students are only allowed to participate in one of the offered electives, not both. Additionally, only those strongly considering going into the field of EM should take the elective from May through December.  Others are welcomed to take it during the rest of the year. 

K500 Emergency Medicine (Jacobi Medical Center/Montefiore Medical Center) 

*Not Available to International Exchange Students** 
General Description and goals of elective/ Learning objectives/ Learning experience: The EM rotation is a four to five week elective for fourth year students.   Students will be rotating through the very busy EDs of Jacobi Medical Center and Montefiore Medical Center.  Their clinical shifts will average 36-40 hours/week.  Students will have direct patient care responsibilities under the supervision of ED attendings and senior residents.  They will have the opportunity to evaluate and treat their own patients, perform procedures, and assist during resuscitations.  In addition to bedside teaching, students will get several hours of mandatory didactics (conferences, workshops, and online lectures).  This rotation is valuable and educational to students interested in all fields, but particularly to those applying to Emergency Medicine.  There will be opportunity for students to get mentoring from the faculty who are all EM trained. 

Method of student feedback and evaluation: Evaluations and final grades will be based on clinical performance, as well as grades on the end of rotation test and case presentation.

Textbook information: None required

Smeeta Verma, MD
Contact: Ms. Elizabeth Morales,, 718-918-5820
Modules: All, except 4AZ, 6B
Maximum students: 10-12 depending on the module
On the first day students report to:  Ms. Elizabeth Morales at Jacobi Medical Center, Building 6, Suite 1B25; please contact Elizabeth Morales for time (reporting day/time may be changed if first day falls on a hospital holiday); who will assist you in obtaining the proper clearance to start your rotation.


K500T Trauma in Emergency Medicine (Jacobi Medical Center)
*Not Available to International Exchange Students**
The Trauma in Emergency Medicine tutorial is a structured program designed to expose the student to the wide range of experiences of a busy Trauma Level I center. This interdisciplinary elective is arranged so that shifts in the adult Jacobi Emergency Department on Friday and Saturday overnights will be augmented by exposure to the other services available at Jacobi.  This can include the surgical ICU, hyperbarics, the pediatric ED, the burn unit and even the psychiatric ED. The medical student will be involved in the initial care of the trauma patient and will follow to the OR significant trauma cases. Follow up of the trauma cases will be encouraged. Teaching will include bedside participation as well as didactics.  The student will be permitted to attend the morning didactic program including the joint EM/Surgery trauma rounds, EM follow-up rounds and the weekly EM core conferences. In addition to being one of 3 trauma level 1 centers in the Bronx, Jacobi is the snakebite center for NYC, is one of 2 burn units in NYC, and has a multiplace hyperbaric chamber used for both emergent as well as elective indications.   This is a unique opportunity to interact with the multiple disciplines involved in care of very ill trauma patients at an inner city trauma center.

Marianne Haughey, MD 
(718) 918-5821
Modules: 1A,1B,2A,2B,3A,3B,4A,4B
Maximum 2

Please report for your Jacobi rotation on Monday, at 11:00am.  You will be meeting with Ms. Elizabeth Morales who will assist you in obtaining the proper clearance to start your rotation. Please contact Ms. Morales and Dr. Haughey at least a week before the rotation by email. Ms. Morales can be contact directly by email at, or by phone at 718-918-5820, and she is located at: Jacobi Hospital Medical Center, 1400 Pelham Pkwy S., Building 6, Suite 1 B 25, Bronx, NY 10461.  Dr. Haughey’s email is 





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