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AcademiusUpperclassmen at Einstein have always been great about advising the classes below them – it’s part of what it means to be a part of the Einstein community. For graduating seniors, their last bits of advice before the farewells come in the form of sharing their interview experiences from around the country. However, this rich set of facts and opinions has little chance of making it past the year immediately below the current seniors. The few tips that are passed on are often forgotten before they become actionable and are rarely accessible to the class as a whole.

Academius aims to change that. The student-created website aggregates interview feedback from outgoing Einstein students and integrates their responses into an intuitive, searchable database of responses. For example, with, any Einstein student interested in General Surgery residencies offered in California can now log on and search the various interview experiences by Einstein students before them. They may even find a student who has volunteered to be a mentor for incoming Einstein students. The Einstein-exclusive database will only grow with ensuing years of students and interview experiences, creating one of the largest pools of data available to students.

By making this transfer of information accessible to all students in an easy-to-use website, Academius can play a pivotal role in how Einstein students of future years prepare for their residency interviews. While the Einstein community will undoubtedly continue to be one that upholds mentorship and collaboration, aims to be a platform that makes our community stronger, more organized, and accessible to the entire Einstein community.

Developers: Mohammod Arafat, Kevin Fernandes, Melvin Joice and Dinesh Rai 

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