Office of Academic Support & Counseling (OASC)

Peer Mentors

Congratulations! Here are the easy steps to contact an Einstein Peer Mentor

1) Read through the names and brief profiles of the Einstein Peer Mentors.
2) Choose one to contact.
3) Click on their email and enter in the subject line, “EPMN”.
4) Make the connection!

By writing “EPMN”, the Einstein Peer Mentor will know that you are reaching out. You do not have to write anything in message body. The Einstein Peer Mentor agrees to respond, and you will take it from there.
Please be assured that the Einstein Peer mentor agrees to protect the privacy and identity of students who contact them; they will not identify you or the nature of your concerns to anyone unless you are a physical threat to yourself or to others. Also know that your connection to the Einstein Peer Mentor cannot be tracked by the university.

Wishing you success in getting the support you need as you journey through Einstein!!

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