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Peer Mentors

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Mentor Details
1. Name: Marissa Lombardo (MS)
2. Academic Program (e.g. MD, PhD, MD/PhD): MD
3. Email:
4. Gender: Female
5. Year of birth: 1988
6. List universities or colleges before Einstein: Hunter College
7. Where you lived before Einstein: Flushing, NY
8. Prior careers: Substitute Paraprofessional for the Special Education District of the NYC Board of Education
9. If English isn't your first language, what is? English, Spanish
10. Hobbies (remember those?) Traveling, Cooking, Sight seeing
11. Academic Interest(s): Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology
12. Einstein Club Interests: Family Medicine and OB/GYN Interest Groups
13. Other info that might help describe you?
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