Science at the heart of medicine

7003 Molecular Biophysics for the Life Sciences

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This interdisciplinary course will provide students with the tools and knowledge needed to understand the physical basis of biological systems and their regulatory mechanisms. The course will explore the physical principles that underlie biology and consider the contemporary approaches to investigate cellular and organismal structure and function. We will study molecular processes such as protein folding/stability, protein-protein and protein-ligand interaction, RNA and DNA structure, molecular mechanisms of catalytic and force-generating enzymes as well as the molecular mechanisms underlying cell division, muscle function and transport across membranes.

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Access to internet by tablet, computer.


STUDENT PREPARATION: Students who have not matriculated with the standard undergraduate training in chemistry, biochemistry and/or physics should schedule a meeting with the course leader concerning preparing themselves for this field of study.


UNIQUE TRAINING OFFERED IN THIS COURSE: This course uniquely offers a strong physical and quantitative approach to a number of biological topics and methods.  The course will extend the content of the Biochemistry course. The course or its equivalent will be a requirement for Prof. Gennrich’s methods course.

STUDENT ASSESSMENTS: There will mid course and final multiple choice tests. Attendance and participation will be 33% of evaluation.