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Enrollment Verification Certificate

An Enrollment Verification Certificate is an official document provided by the Registrar verifying dates of attendance at the institution and enrollment status by term. 

A request for verification can be made either online through our partners at the National Student Clearinghouse or by filling out the Request Form (for a letter of certification).


An official Enrollment Verification Certificate can be obtained from the National Student Clearinghouse at any time, free-of-charge, using the following instructions:

  1. Go to  
  2. Click on ‘Faculty, Students and Staff’ 
  3. Log in to your MYYU account using your Banner ID (9-digit number starting with either ‘800’ or ‘999’) 
  4. Once logged in, click on ‘Student and Financial Aid’ 
  5. Click on ‘Clearinghouse Services’ 
  6. Click on ‘Click here to connect to the Clearinghouse’This will open a new browser window. (Your computer’s pop-up blocker may need to be disabled) 
  7. Select the type of enrollment verification certificate you require. There are two types of Enrollment Verification Certificates:
    • Current Enrollment – This type of certificate only verifies the semester in which you are currently enrolled at the institution. 
    • All Enrollment – This type of certificate verifies all the semesters you were enrolled at the institution, including the current semester.  
  8. After selecting the type of Enrollment Verification Certificate, click on ‘Obtain an enrollment certificate’A new browser window will open with your Enrollment Verification Certificate, which can be printed. 
  9. If you are forwarding your Enrollment Verification Certificate to a third party, be sure to print the policy number, account number, or any other identifying information located in the top right hand corner of each page of the certificate.  

Request Form

Requests for a certification letter (e.g. enrollment status or degree verification), can be made by completing a Certification Letter Request Form. The completed and signed form can be submitted via fax, email, or delivery to the Graduate Office. 


NOTE: for International Students: Verification requests for purposes of obtaining a visa or traveling outside of the United States must be processed through the Office of International Services (OIS). Following a meeting with the OIS, please complete and submit the Certification Request Form for enrollment verification.

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