Graduate Programs in the Biomedical Sciences


Careers for PhDs

Most doctoral students and postdocs aspire to a career in academia. The training programs at Einstein prepare you perfectly for this career path. Read about Einstein alumni who became faculty in the United States and abroad:

However, many PhDs choose other career paths. NIH Biomedical Workforce Report 

Therefore, at Einstein, the graduate degree and postdoctoral experience also offer preparation for careers beyond academia. You acquire a unique skill set that includes critical thinking; problem defining and solving; tolerance for ambiguity; quantitative, presentation and writing skills; information-gathering and synthesizing; and teamwork.

These skills assure your success in many fields, including biotech (industry), pharma (industry), business, writing/media, marketing/consulting, tech-transfer/patent law, nonprofit, governmental and entrepreneurial.

The Einstein career & professional development program is designed to enhance the transferable skills and to shed light on traditional and non-traditional career opportunities which you may wish to pursue.

The following list gives you an overview of the major career opportunities for PhD's. (More information available at science careers and Bio Careers)


Career Paths for PhD’s Work Environment

Research Professor (Tenure Track)

Academia (research university), Government (e.g. NIH)

Researcher (Non Tenure Track)

Academia (research university), Government (e.g. NIH, FDA), Private Research Institutions

Teaching & Research Professor  

Academia (Liberal Arts College)

Research Group leader


Scientist – Manufacturing, Quality Control, Development, Clinical, Regulatory Affairs 


Project & Program Manager 

Industry, Non-Profit Organizations, Academia

Marketing Expert


Sales Specialist 

Industry, Publishing

Business Administrator 

Industry, Consulting


Academia, Industry, Non- Profit


Publishing, Academia, Industry

Science Writer 

Industry, Publishing

Science Educator  


Science Policy Expert 

Government, Non-Profit Organizations


Consulting Companies


Your company

Science Museum Expert 

Science Museum

Science Librarian 


Patent Lawyer 

Patent Office, Academia, Industry

Tech Transfer Expert 

Academia, Industry


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