Student Opportunities for Academic Research (SOAR)

Public Health

William B. Jordan, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Social Medicine


The SOAR concentration in Public Health offers students the opportunity to work closely with a public health mentor at Einstein/Montefiore. In order to implement systems change that will address upstream determinants of health, physicians need an expanded set of skills in population health. The Institute of Medicine highlighted the 21st century need for integration of public health training into medical education, in order to increase the number of physicians with public health expertise. SOAR concentration in Public Health students will gain experience ranging from assessment of public health needs and trends, to formulation of a population health response, to implementation of programs, to evaluation of interventions, followed by dissemination and advocacy. Opportunities for public health work will be provided through Einstein faculty, Montefiore administrators, city health department officials, and non-profit organization advocates.

Incoming students interested in the SOAR concentration in Public Health will meet with the concentration director to discuss learner goals and project/mentor options. Students are encouraged to enroll in the first year elective in Health Disparities, and participate in the Patient Advocate Connection (PAC) student group. Students interested in the SOAR concentration in Public Health are also encouraged to join a committee of the Public Health Association of New York City (

During the summer after first year, students will be expected to begin work on a mentored public health project. During second year, students will present a proposal for their research project and are expected to meet regularly with their mentor.

During third year, students will continue to have scheduled meetings and participate in public health seminars as their schedule allows. During the dedicated time in fourth year, students will complete their research projects. Students are encouraged to enroll in the fourth year elective in Research-Based Health Activism, and required to complete an elective with the city health department.

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