M.D. Program

Clinical Research M.D. - M.S. Program

A new five-year M.D.-M.S. track has been created for medical students interested in clinical research. Students can apply to the program during their third year of medical school. Accepted students will spend their fourth year in clinical research activities under the guidance of a faculty mentor and also take courses as part of Einstein's Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP). The fifth year will include a combination of required clerkships, electives, continuing M.S. course work, and completion of the clinical research project, including a defense of the Master's thesis.

Students will pay only four years of tuition over the five years of this program and will receive a fellowship stipend of $14,500 for the research year. Candidates who complete this dual degree program successfully will receive the M.D. degree and an M.S. in Clinical Research Methods at graduation.

Applicants must identify a faculty mentor and propose a research project as part of the application. Information on the Master's program, along with downloadable application forms, can be found on the CRTP website

Medical student applications differ from procedures outlined on the Web site in the following ways:

  • The application deadline for medical students is earlier, usually in January or February of Year 3. An expedited admissions process will seek to finalize decisions by March of Year 3.
  • Medical students should not complete page 4 of the application.

Enrollment in the program is competitive, and all interested students are encouraged to contact the program director, Dr. Paul Marantz, in order to obtain additional information or discuss qualifications. You may call his office (430-4187) to set up an appointment if you wish to meet; e-mail inquiries may be directed to paul.marantz@einstein.yu.edu. It is anticipated that students who have already conducted clinical research projects with a qualified faculty member (e.g., during the summer after Year 1) will be most competitive, so it makes good sense to plan early.

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