M.D. Program

Instructional Support Services

The Office of Instructional Support Services (OISS, or the Teaching Office), a division of the Office of Medical Education, manages the course work and online schedules in eMED for the first and second year medical college students. OISS administers exams and processes the grades using ExamSoft, a computer-based testing software program. As part of the exam administration procedure, the office arranges for and manages the proctors. The office also assigns first year students’ microscopes, audience response clickers, and lockers at the beginning of each academic year.

The Teaching Office provides other services and important information relevant to didactic studies, as well. It supports the faculty by loading material to eMED course pages, scheduling lectures, and arranging group conferences and labs. Additionally, the office assists with various projects during the course of year, particularly those services needed to ensure the success of the Medical Spanish elective program.

This office is responsible for making all arrangements for, and administering, a USMLE Step 1 Mock exam, scheduled at the end of the students’ second year. The office also supervises the preparation, distribution, and administering of the NBME end-of-clerkship exams for third and fourth year students upon completion of the required clerkships.

The goals of the office are to ensure that:

1)      medical college students have the necessary material and resources they need for the College’s curriculum;

2)      the faculty have appropriate support to ensure timely distribution of course material to the students; and

3)      the classrooms are equipped with the essential tools to enhance the learning experience.

Please contact the Office of Instructional Support Services with any questions at teachingoffice@einstein.yu.edu or call 718.430.3071.

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