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Team Based Learning

The office has sponsored sessions on Team Based Learning (TBL 101 and 102). TBL 101 is a freestanding session that introduces the learner to TBL, a theoretically based and empirically grounded tool designed to maximize the effectiveness of learning. It also holds students accountable for attending class prepared to participate and playing an active role in their team's performance. This method of teaching is being adopted in medical schools throughout the country and has been shown to be a highly effective instructional strategy. 

As a follow-up to the TBL 101 workshop, TBL 202 offers a six-session series to assist faculty participants in creating their own TBL activity. 

Session 1: Starting At the End: Goals, Objectives and Outcomes of your TBL Session

Session 2: Readiness Assurance: Writing Test Items and the Facilitator Guide

  • 45 minute preparatory online module + 90 minute session reviewing your IRAT/GRAT items 

Session 3: Carrot and Sticks: Developing a Grading Rubric  

Session 4: The Application Exercise: Planning, Preparing, and Piloting 

Session 5: Shifting From Expert to Facilitator

  • Shadowing an existing 2 hour TBL session in a course or clerkship (TBD) + 45 minute review of effective facilitation skills 

Session 6: Pulling It Together: Odds, Ends, and Evaluation 

*All attendees are required to submit a capstone project at the end of the series, which is a manual for use by faculty running their future TBL session* 



TBL 101

2017 session TBD
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