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Davidoff Education Day

The Office of Faculty Development runs an annual day dedicated to innovations in medical education entitled, Davidoff Education Day.

On March 26, 2015, Einstein’s Twelfth Annual Davidoff Education Day focused on small group teaching. Dr. Auguste Fortin lead the morning plenary entitled, “The Small Group Teacher: Center Stage or Centered Sage?” and spoke in the afternoon, as well, about "The Tao of Small Group Facilitation: "They will all say, 'We did this ourselves’”. During these sessions, Dr. Fortin discussed the critical role that small group teaching plays in medical education and he defined the characteristics of an effective small group facilitator. Interactive workshops were held to complement the plenary sessions.

In previous years, the day focused on themes such as: 

  • E-Learning 
  • In 2014, Davidoff Education Day focused on the role of online teaching in medical education. We were fortunate to host Dr. Thomas S. Riles, The Frank C. Spencer Professor of Surgery at New York University School of Medicine, and currently the Associate Dean for Medical Education and Technology at NYU Langone Medical Center. Joined by: Sabrina Lee, Director of the Division of Educational Informatics at NYU Langone Medical Center; Mike Nick, Technical Director of WISE-MD; So-Young Oh, Instructional Design Specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center, and Jen Shoenthal, Multimedia and Interactivity Developer at NYU Langone Medical Center. Together, they equipped faculty with the necessary skills to successfully incorporate E-Learning into medical education. The interactive format allowed faculty to gain basic tools to help them integrate new technology into the classroom. The latter part of the day included an introduction to the new Forchheimer Education Center, showcasing the technological capabilities that will help faculty expand their teaching repertoire. 

  • Competency-based Medical Education  
  • In 2013, we were fortunate to host Dr. Eric Holmboe, M.D., Senior Vice President for Quality Research and Academic Affairs at the American Board of Internal Medicine and American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation, as the plenary speaker. During this program, faculty developed strategies that assisted them in linking the recently approved Einstein educational competencies to their courses and clerkships. 

  • “Social Media in Medical Education: The Promise and Perils”  
  • In 2012, Kent Bottles, M.D. lead the morning plenary session, “Educating Physicians in the 21st Century: Twitter, Facebook, and Digital Medicine”. Katherine Chretien, M.D. joined us in the afternoon and addressed professionalism and social media in medical education in her keynote entitled, “The Road to Professionalism in the Digital Age”. During this program the focus was set on social media as a tool for educators. Faculty explored its use in medical education and examined the promise that these new tools afford educators as well as the potential pitfalls. 

  • Curricular Enhancement  
  • In 2011, it was privileges to have, Dr. Lawrence Smith, M.D. and Dr. Mary Lee, M.D., M.S. share a wealth of experience in curricular design and new technology. This program focused on curricular enhancement. Dr. Smith lead the morning session, entitled “Building a New Medical School: A Chance to Design Curriculum from Scratch” and Dr. Lee lead the afternoon session devoted to the TUSK knowledge management system. 

..And other innovative themes in Medical Education… 

For twelve years, this day has consistently attracted over one hundred faculty and is continuously widely anticipated by our medical educators. 

Davidoff Education Day Poster Session

The Office of Faculty Development coordinates the Annual Davidoff Education Day as well as the Poster Session that is included in the program. This session is a perfect way for our faculty to showcase their research in medical education that is occurring at Einstein affiliates.

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