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Databases of Faculty Teaching Evaluations

The OER prepares and stores annual data on the teaching performance of basic science faculty in first- and second-year courses and clinical faculty and residents teaching in the clerkships.

Individual teaching evaluations are sent to basic science faculty (through the course leader) following each course. They also receive an end-of-year “Report Card” summarizing their teaching scores for that year.

Annually, clerkship directors receive evaluations (both quantitative and qualitative) for all clinical teachers (site leaders, attendings, preceptors) in their respective departments. They also receive copies of individual evaluations to distribute to each clinical teacher.

At any time during the year, faculty members may request a summary of their individual teaching evaluations (medical students only) by contacting Lina Cipollone at 718.430.2693, or

Dr. Burton provides assistance for faculty working on research projects. This can include help in the following areas: developing study designs, designing surveys, setting up project databases, and offering advice regarding the proper statistical tests to run. Please contact him at 718.430.4259, or  


Preparation of Materials for Promotion

Faculty seeking help in preparing their CVs, Teaching Portfolios, and other materials for appointment or promotion are invited to contact Dr. Penny Grossman 718.430.2693, or, for individual assistance. Faculty may wish to consult the OER's promotion handbook, Moving Up at Einstein: A Faculty Guide to Preparing for Promotion, available in print as well as on this website. Dr. Grossman also presents workshops explaining the Teaching Portfolio and guiding faculty in building their own portfolios.


Preparation Assistance

Dr. Penny Grossman
Tel: 718.430.3252 

Lina Cipollone

William Burton

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