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Education Awards Reception Photo Gallery - 2011

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Certificates to be awarded to new members of the Leo M. Davidoff Society Dr. Brian Cohen, president of the Davidoff Society Dr. Jill Crandall, new member of the Davidoff Society Dr. Victoria Gorski with Dr. John Cahill, new inductee to the Davidoff Society  

New Davidoff Society member Dr. Cynthia Chong, with Drs. Martha Grayson and Dean Allen M. Spiegel Dr. Marjorie Stein, Davidoff Society member Dr. Teresa McCann with her daughter Dean Spiegel congratulates Dr. Steven Roderick, winner of this year's Samuel M. Rosen Award for excellence in basic science teaching  

Dr. Ruth Freeman Dr. Chaim Putterman, center, winner of this year’s Harry Eagle Award for outstanding basic science teaching Dr. Michael Riechgott, winner of the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award for teaching excellence, with Mrs. Reichgott From left, Dean Spiegel, Dr. Martha Grayson, Dr. Brian Cohen, and Dr. Victor Schuster  

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