Einstein Enrichment Program (EEP)

Current Students

SPRING 2015 at EEP

The next  Parent Advisory Council Meeting  is MARCH 19th.   There will be no PAC meeting in February. 

EEP resumes with  Spring Orientation on February 5th





Feb 5—Orientation 


Feb 10-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Feb 12-TAP Groups 

7:00pm PAC Meeting  (CANCELLED)

Feb 17– No EEP 

Feb 19—NO EEP 

Feb 24-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Feb 26 SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 3-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 5-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 10-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 12 TAP Groups 

Mar 17-SAT/Senior Seminar 

Mar 19-SAT/ Senior Seminar 

7:00pm PAC Meeting

Mar 24-Prep classes 

Mar 26-NO EEP 

Mar 31-Prep classes 

Apr 2– NO EEP 

Apr 7– NO EEP 

Apr 9--NO EEP 

Apr 14– Prep classes 

Apr 16—TAP Groups 

Apr 21—Prep classes 

Apr 23– Prep Classes 

7:00pm PAC Meeting

Apr 28-Prep classes 

Apr 30– Prep classes 

May 5 — Prep classes 

May 8 —TAP Groups 

May 12– Counseling Day 

May 14 — Senior Legacy 

May 19—TAP Presentations  

May 21 — TAP Presentations 

SAT on line practice test dates with Revolution Prep:  

Saturday– February 7; February 28; March 14; April 11  


                        For more information contact us at: 718-430-4166 or eep@einstein.yu.edu   

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