Einstein Enrichment Program (EEP)

Current Students

Fall 2015 Semester starts with Orientation on Thursday, October 1st at 3:45 pm

All accepted students should have received:

1. Participation form (sent by regular mail)- bring that with you on October 1st

2. Montefiore Onboarding Document (sent by email)- contact Ms. Ebony Codrington, Human Resources, Montefiore Medical Center, 1300 Morris Park Ave Belfer Building 12th Floor Room 1205, 718-430-2731/4109;  ecodring@montefiore.orgto set appointment to submit documentation BEFORE October 1st

3. Medical clearance forms to be completed as instructed.

FALL 2015 SCHEDULE at Einstein Enrichment Program

 All sessions start at 4 pm sharp unless otherwise indicated  




Oct 1: ORIENTATION 3:45 pm

Oct 6: Einstein Closed 

Oct 8: Teen Action Projects (TAP) Introduction: Service Learning   7pm – Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting 

Oct 13: Dr. Frederick Kaskel 


Oct. 15: Dr. Nereida Correa, OB-Gyn 

Oct. 20: College Admissions Panel -- Deborah Cordero, EEP Counselor 

Oct. 22: Terriann Smith-Jules, NP, Family Health & Nephrology  

Oct. 27: Erika Verdejo, MA, Hospice Care 


Oct 29: Dr. Noe’ Romo, Pediatrics 

Nov. 3: Election Day- NO EEP 

Nov. 5: Dr. Melvin Stone, Trauma  

Nov. 10: Dr. Farah Alam, Dentistry & Special Needs 

Nov. 12: – TAP - Service Learning Day with your groups at your sites or classrooms 

Nov. 17: Dr. Wendy Cleare, Hospitalist 

Nov 19: NO EEP (Public School P.T.C.) 

Nov. 24: Counseling Day:   Seniors with Nilda Soto; Juniors with Deborah Cordero; Sophomores (+new students) with Niloy Iqbal 

Nov. 26: NO EEP (Thanksgiving) 

Dec. 1: Hands-on / On-Site Learning: 

Hyperbaric Chamber-Robert Rivera,RN 

Vitals with Sr. Mary  Redmond, PA 

Suturing with Ms. Kristen Leiber 

Suturing with Niloy Iqbal, MSTP 

CPR with FDNY & Medina Byars 

Noelle Demonstration (Birthing simulator) with Coleen Lee, RN 


Dec. 3: Hands-on / On-site Learning  

Hyperbaric Chamber-Robert Rivera, RN 

Ambulance Bay - FDNY & Medina Byars 

Research Lab with Kim Ohaegbulam  

Gross Anatomy Lab with Darryl Warner 

Suturing with Marilyn Otero, PA 

Dec. 8: Presentation TBA 

Dec 10: TAP – Service Learning Day with your groups at your sites or classrooms 

Dec. 15: Reading Day—Niloy Iqbal, MSTP 


Jan. 5: Welcome back from Winter Break:  DAY 1 of Oral Presentations – Seniors 

Jan. 7: Day 2 of Oral Presentations – Seniors / Juniors  7pm- PAC Meeting 

Jan 12: Day 3 of Oral Presentations – Juniors / Sophomores 

Jan. 14: TAP – Service Learning Day with your groups at your sites or classrooms 

Jan 19: Day 4 of Oral Presentations – Sophomores 

Jan 21:  ON BREAK until start of Spring semester on February 9th  


                        For more information contact us at: 718-430-4166 or eep@einstein.yu.edu   


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