Community Based Service Learning Program (CBSL)


Community Based Service Learning Program (CBSL) provides early career exposure via experiential education, training, workshops and seminars necessary for community engagement. We also support our students who want to make a difference in the community by serving as a clearinghouse for information and opportunities, providing guidance, and assisting with program planning and logistical issues. CBSL is comprised of a network of student-initiated community service projects known as the Einstein Community Action Network, or Einstein-CAN. Our mission is to provide our students with opportunities in which to engage with the Bronx community and have an impact on health and social justice issues. Students learn, share, and nurture the skills needed for their roles as future physicians and compassionate professionals needed to work in our ever expanding communities in the Bronx. 

Einstein’s Community Action Network (CAN) is a collaboration of Einstein medical students, faculty and communities in the Bronx. Einstein-CAN groups promote services and provide advocacy for vulnerable populations in the Bronx. All members of Einstein CAN are offered opportunities for training, conferences, workshops and seminars to enhance their leadership, outreach, and community engagement skills. 


The following are CBSL projects available for our students:  

BODY - Bronx, Obesity, Diabetes and You   

Buddies Program  

EiSci - Einstein Science High School Mentoring Program  

HEART - HIV Education And Rapid Testing   

HOPE - Homeless Outreach Project at Einstein   

H4H - Hoops for Health 

Patient Advocate Connection – PACT  

SPHERE - Space in Prison for Health Education for Re-Entry 

START - Students, Teachers and Researchers Teach science 

TEACH - Together Educating All Children in Hospitals    



How to Contact Us

Office Location:
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
1300 Morris Park Avenue
Rm 407, Belfer Building Bronx, NY 10461

Phone: 718.430.CBSL
Office hours: Mon-Thurs 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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