Community Based Service Learning Program (CBSL)

Einstein Community Action Network

 CAB-SC - Community Advisory Board - Student Committee - a small group of dedicated students who organize and facilitate bimonthly CAB meetings and work closely with the CAB and E-CAN student projects. CAB-SC includes 2-3 lead facilitators, GSC, MSC and MDSC representatives, an outreach and communications liaison, secretary, and treasurer. If you are interested in joining us, please email CAB-SC 

 B-BOP – Bronx Barbershop Outreach Program — the goal of this new project is to provide men’s health information and referrals for services – including but not limited to prostate health — for men at barbershops throughout the Bronx. Faculty Mentor: Dr. Hal Strelnick  

BODY – Bronx Obesity Diabetes and You — exercise and nutrition with elementary school children at P.S. 89; a community garden at the Jack D. WeilerHospital; and engaging Bronx community leaders through grassroots outreach to effect educational efforts that can help change attitudes and improve health.  Faculty mentor: Dr. Meredith Hawkins.  

Buddies Einstein Buddies--  work with people with mental and physical disabilities early on in their medical careers. Partnering with Einstein’s Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center, a multidisciplinary center targeted at treating and serving children with various disabilities, students will have the opportunity to act as mentors, tutors, and help with various occupational therapies. Faculty mentor: Ms. Carol Terilli, PT, DPT and Ms. Elizabeth Ridgeway, OTD, OTR, at CERC.  

 Einstein at Edgecomb – A new group offering Health Education to inmates at the Edgecomb Correctional Facility.  

EiSci  The EiSci High School Mentoring Program was established in 2013 by a group of medical and PhD students passionate about mentoring high school students and exposing them to science careers. eiSci has partnered with Pelham Lab School nearby in the Bronx, and Einstein mentors go there bimonthly for group mentoring sessions and hands-on science clinics. eiSci also hosts an annual Pre-Professional Medicine and Research Conference at Einstein, where the high school students have the opportunity to attend exciting workshops, interact with a panel of health professionals and present their own research projects to their peers.  Faculty mentor: Dr. Maria Marzan.

E-Vets  The Einstein Veteran’s Connection reaches out to homeless and housed veterans requiring referrals for housing, education, and employment on the Bronx. Faculty mentor: Dr. Michael Reichgott.

HEART HIV Education and Rapid Testing — is a group of Bronx medical students who partner with the Adolescent AIDS Program (AAP) of Montefiore to provide confidential and free rapid HIV testing to Bronx Community College and Lehman College during the academic year. We also offer sexual health counseling and referral resources --stop by for a free HIV test or more information.  Students also work in collaboration with Project Brief at Jacobi Medical Center. FREE testing is available at: Community Bronx Pharmacy, 2226 White Plains Road, Mondays from 11 am - 5 pm.  Faculty mentors: Dr. Yvette Calderon, Dr. Jason Leider, Dr. Donna Futterman.  

H4H -  Hoops for Health --working with students at area PAL (Police Athletic League) and with Doctors for a Healthier Bronx, HOOPS exposes the youth community to science and medicine and emphasizes the importance of staying physically active and healthy. Faculty mentor: Dr. Christopher Phang.  

HOPE Homeless Outreach Project at Einstein — HOPE seeks to provide educational and health resources to the homeless and high-risk populations of the Bronx. By volunteering at the Living Room, a homeless safe haven in Hunts Point, and a syringe-exchange site run by New York Harm Education Educators (NYHRE), members seek to provide resources that are often too inaccessible in these communities. HOPE also involves the entire Einstein community in our outreach efforts to bring attention to the significant social and medical issues that these communities face.  Faculty mentor: Dr. Andrea Littleton.  

PACt- Patient Advocate ConnecTion — Patient Advocate Connection pairs first and second year medical students with patients with chronic illnesses to serve as patient advocates for two years. Students begin to become acquainted with the surrounding Bronx community and explore the social determinants of health both through their individual experiences and as a group via reflection sessions and education with three physician-mentors. Students are expected to conduct home visits, accompany patients to appointments and work with their patients towards their patient's health goals.  Faculty mentors: Dr. William Jordan, Dr. Deborah Swiderski, Dr. Victoria Gorski.  

START -NEW GROUP --  Students, Teachers and Researchers Teach science -- aims to stimulate public school students to become interested in science and technology, through 45-minute interactive sessions in local elementary schools. Faculty mentor: Barbara Birschtein. 

TEACH  Together Educating All Children in Hospital – provide experiential education to children in hospitals with a multifaceted goal in mind: bonding time, play time, and learning time. TEACH aims to transform the hospital playrooms in which we teach into areas of recreation, friendship, and discovery in learning. Faculty mentor: Dr. Edward Burns. 


All members of Einstein CAN Groups are offered opportunities to receive training, attend conferences, workshops and seminars to enhance their leadership, outreach, and community engagement skills. 


For more information, contact:
Dr. Maria Marzan, Director
Ana Julia Cruz, Manager

Community Based Service Learning program at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Belfer 407, 1300 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461
Phone: 718.430.2300

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