Career & Professional Development Program

For Graduate Students & Postdocs

Getting Experience

How do you know which career you might like if you have never experienced different fields?

After completing the research program at Einstein, you might have gained sufficient expertise to decide if you would be suited for a career as principal investigator at a research institution.

In order to (re-) discover additional strengths, weaknesses and preferences you might want to take advantage of many other opportunities at Einstein and in the New York City area.

Important: be sure to discuss with your mentor any experiences which involve time out of the lab.

Teaching experience

  • The “Bronx-Einstein Training in Teaching and Research (BETTR) program” is an NIH sponsored postdoctoral fellowship program at Einstein that facilitates training in both science and education.
  • Teaching assistants and tutoring at Einstein.  In each course block, course leaders will announce opportunities for teaching assistants and small group tutors.  These are short term teaching assignments. (All require the mentor's permission.)

Other experiences


Einstein offers the following internship programs for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers:

Visit their web sites to learn about the specifics.

In general, internships are a great way to discover career preferences. If you are interested a particular company, send them an email and offer your help.

Also, you might want to check out to find suitable experiences.


Professional Skills:

At Einstein you can refine professional skills by actively joining student and postdoc run organizations such as the Graduate Student Council or the Einstein Postdoctoral Association. You can serve as a student or postdoctoral representatives on a variety of committees and organizations such as the Quality of Life Committee, Einstein Senate, Career & Professional Development Program committee. Some of these require nominations and elections to become a member. For more information talk to your departmental representatives.

Also, Einstein has many clubs which are student run. The Career & Professional Development Program is involved in some of these clubs:

  • Einstein Toastmasters (Refine your public speaking and leadership skills)
  • Consulting Club (Learn about the consulting business and participate in case studies)
  • Entrepreneurship and Biotechnology Club
  • Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine (EJBM) (Become actively involved by contributing articles or serving as an editor or other role)


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