Career & Professional Development Program

For Graduate Students & Postdocs

Applying for a Job

Each job application requires the preparation of a carefully crafted application package that includes a cover letter and a CV or resume. Academic job applications might require a research statement and teaching philosophy.


 COVER LETTER (all jobs)

CV (academia) 

  • CV template (general document)
  • CV guide from the National Institutes of Health
  • Keep in mind: A CV is an on paper persona. A CV includes all academic credentials. There is no page limit. Use action verbs.
  • Videos about CV & Resume Writing can be found HERE.
  • If you prepare an academic promotion package or a grant application you must follow strictly the specific CV guidelines provided. For example, for a promotion at Einstein you should follow this CV format. If you apply for an NIH grant you should acknowledge the standard NIH biosketch format. 

RESUME (industry and other non-academic jobs)

  • Resume template 
  • Resume Styles 
  • Keep in mind: A resume is a tailored document for ONE specific job. A resume is a 1 page document (max. 2 pages). Use action verbs.

CV & Resume Hybrid (some positions require some sort of hybrid)

Research Statements and Teaching Philosophy (academic jobs)

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