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The Einstein Career & Professional Development program for graduate students and postdocs is pleased to announce that Einstein has joined the Bio Career Center Consortium of Schools, along with Columbia University, NYU, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, SUNY Stony Brook, University of Rochester, and Wadsworth Center, Stanford University, Berkley, UCSF, CalTech, University of Pennsylvania and other leading research institutions. With over 350 listings, Bio Career Center is a comprehensive career resource center for graduate students and postdocs.


This career website provides online career resources and job postings for PhDs and also serves as a recruitment service for prospective employers. Unlike other jobs boards, all jobs posted on the Bio Career Center Jobs Board require an advanced degree in the sciences. Postdocs can search for life sciences jobs, create an online resume, and apply for jobs posted by employers. Access to the Bio Career Center Jobs Board is free for all current Einstein graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. In addition to the Job Board, the Career Center provides a wealth of information on careers outside of academia, with categories ranging from Military Research to Science Writing. If you are not sure what your ultimate career path will be, there are also assessment tools that help you identify areas of interest, skills you have, or skills you want to have. This type of self-assessment is important no matter what your future goals are, and will help you better plan your current training to help meet your goals.

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