Career & Professional Development Program

For Graduate Students & Postdocs

About Us

The Einstein Career & Professional Development Program for graduate students and postdocs is a joint venture of the Graduate Division of Biomedical Sciences, the Belfer Institute for Advanced Biomedical Science, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

Our activities are designed to address the needs of our student and postdoc community, which are gleaned from an annual CPD Survey and frequent meetings of our Committee for Career & Professional Development. The Committee is comprised of graduate students, postdocs, junior faculty and representatives of the Graduate Division and Belfer Institute. Its members help to define areas of interest and to prepare program proposals. These proposals are discussed by the Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and the Director of the Belfer Institute.

Who we are:

Graduate Division of Biomedical Sciences

Victoria Freedman, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies
Diane A. Safer, Ph.D.
Director, Career and Professional Development
Renee Rodriguez
Manager, Special Programs & Events 

Belfer Institute for Advanced Biomedical Sciences

Anne Bresnick

Anne R. Bresnick, Ph.D.
Director of the Belfer Institute
Professor, Department of Biochemistry

Mary Anne Clifford


Committee for Career & Professional Development

Dulguun Amgalan
Diana Athonvarangkul
Titto Augustine, PhD
Ariola Bardhi
Jessy Cartier, PhD
Alyssa Chamberlain
Jacqueline Coley
Sayani Dasgupta, PhD
Orsolya Giricz, PhD
Arthee Jahangir
Melissa James, PhD
Alison Johnson, PhD
Saima Limi
Rituparna Mukhopadhyay, PhD
Sonja Schaetzlein, PhD
Katie Stiles, PhD
Lydia Tesfa, PhD
Dina Tsukrov
Carola Wilczek, PhD
Dionna Williams, PhD

Former Members

Alexandra Ogorodnikova, PhD (2010-2012)
Sarah Lutz, PhD (2010-2012)
Davalene Israel, PhD (2010-2012)
Valeria Antico, PhD (2011-2012)
Tushar Bhagat (2011-2012)
Brian English, PhD (2011-2012)
Joseph Ho, PhD (2009-2011)
Louise Wolf, PhD (2009-2012)
Roger Cachope, PhD (2009-2011)
Uttama Rath, PhD (2009-2011)
Sabrina Volpi, PhD (2009-2011)
Hui Zhang, MA (CPD volunteer) (2010-2012)
Paras Jain, PhD (2012-13)
Steven Braigen (2012-13)
Laura Norwood Toro, PhD (2012-13)
Komal Rasputra, PhD (2012-13)
Joerg Schlatterer, PhD (former chair- 2011-13)
Wei Tan
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