Einstein-Cardozo Bioethics Graduate Education

Current Curriculum

For clarity below are further details to keep in mind as you design your curriculum:

  • both Bioethics and Medical Humanities I and II are required and must be taken in the same academic year, for 6 credits.
  • a Capstone/Thesis project (awarded 4 credits) is also required for graduation.
  • you can, upon receiving program approval, take for credit toward the MBE a number of courses offered through Yeshiva University's constitutive schools. For a list of graduate courses being offered throughout the system, students may contact the Office of the University Registrar 
  • keep in mind that at least half of your total 32 credits should be BIOE courses offered through Einstein College of Medicine.
  • the MBE can be completed over a number of years (though ideally within 5 years).

Further below are sample curricula for each type of MBE student. The links lead to both more specific information and visual representations of your year(s) in the program.

News & Events

Dr. Tia Powell was recently named one of nine new 2014 Hastings Center Fellows. The Fellows are an elected association of researchers from around the world whose distinguished contributions in their fields have been influential in bioethics.

Applications for the Master's in Bioethics and the Bioethics Certificate Program are still being reviewed for fall 2016 on a space-available basis. 

more news & events 

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