Department of Systems & Computational Biology

Works in Progress Meetings


Price 251/150, 10am-12pm



January 7th: Cameron Smith

February 4th: Ulrich Kadolsky

March 4th: Eng Hui Yap

April 1st: Kendra Bolt

May 6th: Yinghao Wu

June 3rd: Mario Pujato

July 1st: Daniel Carbajo Pedrosa

August 13th: Eduardo Fajardo

September 9th: Alexandra Mirina

October 7th: Bojana Gligorijevic (Cancelled)

November 4th: Alexandra Mirina

December 2nd: Michoel Snow



January 27th: Joaquin (Ximo) Jorge Pechuan (Price 150)

February 10th: Brinda Vallat (Price 251)

March 3rd: Kelly Burke (Price 251)

April 7th: Joe Dybas (Price 251)

May 5th: Daniel Biro (Price 251)

June 2nd: Jiawen Chen (Price 251)





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