Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Norman M. Brier, Ph.D.

Dr. Norman M. Brier

Professor, Department of Pediatrics (Child Development)

Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Director, Adolescent Unit, Children's Evaluation Rehabilitation Center


Professional Interests

 Areas of scholarly interest include: chronic school failure, academic motivation, self-regulation, and the psychological consequences and management of pregnancy loss.



Selected Publications

1.             Brier, N. and Demb, H.:  Psychotherapy with the Developmentally Disabled Adolescent. Journal of

                Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. Vol. 1, p. 19-23, no. 1, 1980.


2.             Brier, N. and Demb, H.:  Adolescence in the Developmentally Disabled:  Stage or Syndrome.  Psychiatric

               Annuals, Vol.11, p. 57-23, no. 3, 1981.


3.            Brier, N.:  The Mildly Retarded Adolescent:  A Psychosocial Perspective.  Journal of Developmental and

               Behavioral Pediatrics, Vol. 7, p. 320-323, no. 5, 1986.


4.            Brier, N.:  Parental Reactions to the Discovery of a Handicapped Child.  Resident and Staff Physician,

              Vol.   32,  p. 34-40, no. 6, 1986.


5.           Brier, N. and Carlson-Perez, E.:  A Gap in Service:  Screening for Developmental Disabilities Within a Juvenile

             Justice Population.  Juvenile and Family Court Journal, Vol. 37, p. 15-19, no. 5, 1986.


6.           Brier, N., Carlson-Perez, E. and Kaufman, J.:  The Evolution and Application of a Screening

             Instrument to Identify Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities.  Juvenile and Family Court Journal, 

             Vol. 40, p. 35-42, no.1, 1989.


7.          Brier, N.:  The Relationship Between Learning Disability and Delinquency:  A Review and Reappraisal. 


            Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol. 22, p. 546-553, no. 9, 1989.


8.         Brier, N.:  Targeted treatment for the learning disabled defendant:  Effects on recidivism.  Journal of Learning  

            Disabilities, Vol. 27, p. 215-222, no. 4, 1994.


9.         Brier, N.: Pregnancy loss:  Understanding and coping with the Emotional reactions to a miscarriage.  Journal of

           Obstetrics and Gynecology,Vol. 93, 1, 151-155, 1999.


10.       Brier, N.:  Anxiety following a miscarriage:  A review of the empirical literature and implications for clinical 

           practice.  Birth, Vol. 31, 2, 138-142, 2004.


11.      Brier, N.:  Grief following miscarriage:  A comprehensive review of the literature.  Journal of Women’s Health, Vol. 17,  3, 451-464, 2008.


12.      Brier, N.  1998.  Mental Retardation.  In S. B. Friedman, M. M. Fisher, S. K. Schonberg, & E. M. Alderman

           (Eds.), Comprehensive Adolescent Health Care-Second Edition.  St. Louis, Missouri:  Mosby.


13.      Brier, N.  2006.  Enhancing Academic Motivation:  An intervention program for young adolescents.  Champaign,

           IL.:  Research Press.


14.      Brier, N.  2007.  Motivating Children and Adolescents for Academic Success:  A parent 

           involvement  program.  Champaign, IL:  Research Press.

15.      Brier, N. 2010. Self-regulated learning: Practical interventions for struggling teens. Champaign, IL: Research Press.


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