Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Research Fellows and Staff


Name Phone Room PI
 Dr. Moez Bali x3402 Ull-213A AKABAS
 Dr. Mariangela Dametto x3332 Ull-306 SCHWARTZ
 Dr. Vania DePaoli  x3451 Ull-217 SOSA
 Dr. David Gelman x3332 Ull-306 SCHWARTZ
 Dr. Pia Guinto x4078 Ull-316 TARDIFF
 Dr. Changyuan Lu x2532 Ull-319 ROUSSEAU/YEH
 Dr. Jeremy Metz x1066 Price Ctr 553 MA
 Dr. Uttama Rath x3464 Ull-223 SHARP
 Dr. Shannon Stewman x1066 Price Ctr 553 MA
 Dr. Dong Zhang x3464 Ull-223 SHARP


Name Phone Room PI
 Candice Dowell x4078 Ull-316 TARDIFF
 Marion Feldman  x8751 Ull-208 P&B
 I.J. Frame x3401 Ull-207 AKABAS


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