Department of Pathology

Research Programs

Experimental pathology aims to define disease in terms of fundamental molecular and cellular processes. Research in our Department is focused on critical issues in multiple disease classes. Areas of focus include Genomics and Cancer Biology, Immunopathology, Infectious Disease and Neuropathology. Research in each of these areas is highly interactive, and the Department strives for a collegial atmosphere in which collaborations can flourish. This effort is conducted through a variety of department-level activities, including regular meetings to discuss work in progress and a departmental retreat at which students, postdoctoral fellows, residents and faculty all have opportunity to present and discuss their research. 

Genomics and Cancer Biology


Investigators within the Genomics and Cancer Biology focus are studying mechanisms of tumorigenesis and metastasis both in animal models and through the application of bioinformatic methods to human disease.

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Infectious Disease

infectious diseases

Research within the Infectious Disease focus ranges from studies of pathogen structure and biology to the investigation of pathogenetic mechanisms in the context of animal and cell culture models, and also includes translational studies that connect these models to human disease.

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Investigators with a focus in immunopathology conduct research aimed at understanding the mechanisms that regulate the function of the adaptive immune system in physiological and pathological conditions.

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Within the neuropathology area of research, investigators in the department are working to understand the mechanisms involved in the development of several pathological processes that affect the central nervous system (CNS).

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