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Stephen M. Factor, M.D.

Dr. Stephen M. Factor

Professor, Department of Pathology

Professor, Department of Medicine (Cardiology)

Chair, Department of Pathology at Jacobi Medical Center, Department of Pathology



Atherosclerosis, Ischemic Heart Disease, Cardiomyopathy, Myocarditis, Myocardial Matrix

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Cardiovascular disease (Pathology & Pathophysiology)


Degree: M.D.
Institute: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Year : 1968
Major: N/A

Degree: N/A
Institute: University of Michigan
Department: Department of Surgery
Year 1968-1970
Major: General Surgery Residency

Degree: N/A
Institute: United States Army Medical Corps, Fort Benning, GA
Department: Pathology
Year 1971-1973
Major: N/A

Degree: N/A
Institute: Albert Einstein College of Mediicne
Department: Pathology
Year: 1970-1971; 1973-1975
Major: Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

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