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Dr. Alexander Pearlman, Ph.D.

Alexander Pearlman, Ph.D.

Instructor, Department of Pathology

Professional Interests

My research is dedicated to push the envelope for personalized medical solutions-improving patient quality of life, reducing cancer mortality rates and treatment related toxicities that contribute to the skyrocketting cost of health care.   Studying the biology of metastatic cancer through the lens of somatic tumor genomics provided me with a foundation for implementing a translational research approach that targets functions altered in metastatic cancer.  My current projects include 1) develop a multi-cancer prognostic assay that predicts the metastatic potential of early stage tumors  2) inhibit proteins that promote tumor cells to metastasize and 3) provide evidence for the effect of ketogenic diet to inhibit tumor cell growth and promote tumor cell death in women with breast cancer.

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