Department of Pathology


The virology Laboratory at Montefiore Medical Center is a full service State of the Art Facility. Testing for viral diseases including HIV includes molecular based assays, immunodiagnostics as well as a tissue culture laboratory. It is one of the few hospital based laboratories that maintains a tissue culture forth primary isolation of viruses and serves as a satellite lab for the WHO and referral lab for the CDC. While rotating through the Virology laboratory Pathology residents and Infectious Diseases Fellows are offered an opportunity to engage in ongoing research or in a project of their own design. Dr Fox has developed and hosts a seminar in Viral diagnosis for residents and fellows annually at which the latest material in viral diagnosis is presented.

The laboratory is involved in the development and assessment of new molecular and serologic assays as well post market evaluations in unique patient populations. In addition for the past two summers this laboratory,under Dr Amy Fox’s directorship ,has been host to undergraduates participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. That work includes includes projects involving sensitivity of HIV assays, diagnostics for Swine Influenza and new diagnostic methods for chlamyia trachomatis.


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