Department of Pathology

Cytopathology Fellowship

Program Director

Samer N. Khader, MD
Phone: 718.920.5025
Fax: 718.515.5315

Montefiore Medical Center
Department of Pathology
The Leopold G. Koss, MD Division of Cytology
Hofheimer Pavilion, 4th Fl.
111 East 210th Street
Bronx, NY 10467


Program Description

An ACGME accredited one-year fellowship is offered at Montefiore Medical Center which allows fellows to develop expertise in the field of cytopathology.  Since Montefiore Medical Center sees numerous oncology and immunocompromised patients and has an extensive community-based referral network, the cytology division receives high quality material representative of the entire spectrum of cytopathology.  In 2000, the service received approximately 43,500 specimens, including fine needle aspirations.   

A needle-aspiration biopsy service run by fellows, allows hands-on experience at the bedside and in clinic settings.  Fellows interact closely with radiologists during “deep” CT or ultrasound guided aspirates, immediately assessing specimen adequacy in a “frozen-section”-type rapid evaluation.  On all cases that they review, fellows are expected to formulate a diagnosis and make relevant comments where appropriate, prior to final sign-out by the attending.  The cytology division interacts closely with surgical pathology, allowing tissue correlation as needed.  Dr. Koss’ consultation slides are reviewed by fellows prior to his assessment, and then later discussed over a multi-headed microscope.  There is a regular midday slide conference allowing attending input and discussion of interesting cases.  In addition, the fellowship encourages research projects and there is easy access to extensive archival materials and specialty labs.

These conferences also enhance interaction with clinicians regarding implications of diagnosis and therapy. Participation in research activity is expected, under the guidance of faculty mentors. Research projects include clinical and applied diagnostic techniques, basic or applied molecular biology, and evolving diagnostic and investigative techniques.

One of the many strengths of the program is the large number of full time cytology faculty who are accessible, which translates into real time continuous access for the fellows to answer all questions as they arise, enhancing the educational experience and professional growth as a colleague and team member.

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