Department of Pathology

2016 Pathology Research Retreat

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 The 2016 Department of Pathology Annual Research Retreat took place Wednesday, June 8, in Montefiore Medical Center's Cherkasky Auditorium and Grand Hall. The day-long event began with oral presentations by students Ignacio Guerrero Ros (Macian lab) and Bezawit Megra (Berman lab), research trainee Bing Han (Weiss lab), resident Hannah Claire Jarvis, fellows Giorgi Berulavi (Hematopathology) and Junaid Ibrahim (Cytopathology), and postdoctoral fellow George Karagiannis (Oktay lab). Following lively scientific discussion over a buffet lunch in the Grand Hall, invited guest speaker Donna Farber, PhD, Professor of Surgical Sciences and Microbiology & Immunology at Columbia University, presented her research titled, “Human Immunity in Space and Time.” The day wrapped up with a two-hour poster session highlighting the department’s outstanding research.

Prizes for best posters went to the following researchers:

Dr. Mark McCarron: “CD138 Mediates Selection of Mature Plasma Cells by Regulating Their Survival.”
Drs. Sabrina Racine-Brzostek and Etan Marks: “4th Generation Rapid HIV Testing Can Expedite Linkage to Care: A New Efficient Diagnostic Model.”


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