Department of Pathology

Molecular Pathology Fellowship

Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Training Program

Start date: July 2013 

Program Description

The Department of Pathology was recently approved by the ACGME/RRC for a one-year Fellowship in Molecular Genetic Pathology, at Montefiore Medical Center.  Fellows will train in germline genetic testing using both sequenced-based, as well as targeted genotyping methods, and will also train in cancer somatic genetic testing, molecular cytogenetics, including array comparative genomic hybridization and fluorescence in situ hybridization, and molecular virology.  The trainees are expected to spend 12 months in the laboratory, in order to acquire the in-depth knowledge required to run a diagnostic molecular pathology laboratory. During the year of training the emphasis will be on classes, lab skills, and management. The trainee will work with a formal weekly clinic schedule and rotation with the clinical geneticists. Starting midway through the training, the fellow will identify an appropriate lab-based research project.

The program is built on the accredited training program in pathology, hematopathology, clinical genetics, clinical cytogenetics and clinical molecular genetics.

Key faculty include:

Howard Ratech, MD, Director

Harry Ostrer, MD, Co-Director

Christine McMahon, MD, Co-Director

Linda Cannizzaro, PhD

Susan Klugman, MD

Rizwan Naeem, PhD


For information contact Zudith Lopez at 


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