The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health

Residency Program in Obstetrics & Gynecology


Program Director

Erika H. Banks, M.D. 
Tel: 718.430.4031  

Associate Program Director

Erika Levi, MD 
Tel: 718.430.4031  


Associate Program Director

Kristin Powell, M.D. 
Tel: 718.920.9648  


Education Administrator

Nancy Ortiz Rivera
Tel: 718.430.4031  

Program Assistant

Ruth Delgado
Tel: 718.430.3502 

  • Established in 1984 
  • Length of training: 4 years 
  • Number of trainees: 46 
  • Prepares residents for independent practice as general ob/gyn or subsequent training in a subspecialty 
  • Residents are exposed to the breadth and depth of obstetrics and gynecology and its subspecialties 
  • Protected research time in second and third years 
  • Global Women’s Health track
  • Experience in:
    • Maternal fetal medicine 
    • Gynecologic oncology 
    • Reproductive endocrinology and infertility 
    • Female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery 
    • Family planning 
    • Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery 
    • Reproductive genetics 
    • Fetal medicine 
    • Ultrasound 
    • Immigrant Health 
    • Advocacy 
    • Simulation


Fully Accredited by ACGME
Last site visit: 2013
Review Cycle: Self-study in 2021


USMLE Step I and II

Current Residents

13 PGY1 (includes 2 Prelim PGY1 positions)
11 PGY2
11 PGY3
11 PGY4


Application Process

Applications accepted through ERAS
Deadline: November
Interview Months: Nov, Dec

Selection Process


Contact Us

Nancy Ortiz Rivera

Sample Block Schedule  
Year One OB GYN Gyn Onc Fam Planning Amb Surg Immigrant Health  
Year Two OB  GYN Gyn Onc Antepartum Endo/Infert Amb Surg Research
Year Three OB GYN Gyn Onc Research/Elective      
Year Four OB GYN Gyn Onc Fam Planning Surg Float / Office specialties    


Educational Sessions
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
AM 7:00 - Morning report L + D - Weiler and Wakefield 7:00 - Departmental Statistics or M&M Conference 7:00 - Morning report L + D - Weiler and Wakefield    
  7:30 - FPMRS division lecture and Journal Club - Moses       7:30 - Tumor Board - Weiler
7:30 - Pre-op conference - Weiler
AM   8:00 - Departmental Grand Rounds   8:00 - Chief of service rounds - Moses
8:00 - OB Vice-Chair rounds - Weiler
8:00 - Chief of service rounds - Wakefield
8:00 - Peds/Ob conference - Weiler
        8:30 - Jacobi Grand Rounds, M + M and Pre-op conference  
AM   9:00-11:00 - Resident Protected Time       
PM   12:00 - Fetal diagnosis rounds or Maternal Medicine rounds (alternating weeks) - Weiler      
PM        4:00 - REI Division Rounds - Harstdale  
Resident as Teacher: Twice a year
Other Conferences: Simulation monthly; Tumor Board weekly; Peds/OB weekly; Pre-op Rounds weekly; Journal Club monthly; M&M monthly
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