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Meet our Residents: PGY4

Woojin Chong, M.D. 

MD: University of South Florida College of Medicine

BS: Purchase College

Einstein was a perfect match for me who was looking for a big program, with lots of fellowships and full-time faculty members, which serves underserved population. On top of that I really liked how it residents interact to one another.


Solange Eloundou, M.D. 

MD: Medical College of Wisconsin

B.S. University of Wisconsin

My greatest attraction to Einstein is the people, I enjoy working with the residents and faculty. I like working at a large academic center with all the subspecialty groups. I also like the population we serve and the fact that every day at work is a new adventure. Living in New York City is a major plus too


Paul-Ann Green, M.D. 

MD: Albany Medical College

BS: Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

I chose Einstein because I am a native New York-er, and I feel like the Bronx is the heart of the city, allowing me exposure to issues that underserved communities face, while also providing the level of education of an academic institution. Truly the best of both worlds. I feel that at this program I am not only serving the community, but am an integral part of the community.


Kfier Kuba, M.D. 

MD: State University of NY Downstate Medical Center College of Medicine

BS: Stony Brook University

I'm New York born and raised, and wanted to stay in the area. When I was deciding where I wanted to go, I really believed it when I was told I would see anything and everything there is to see in an OB/GYN residency here at Einstein. I was looking for a busy program with a diversity of patients and pathologies that would always keep me on my toes, and I found it in the Bronx! Also, the people I met here were down-to-earth and enjoyed working together, the department was genuinely warm and welcoming to new faces, and Attendings and residents seemed to have a casual, friendly relationship. A healthy mix of male and female Attending staff was an unexpected plus.


Alexander (Sasha) Kucherov, M.D., Administrative Chief Resident 

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

BA: University of Rochester

As an Einstein graduate I knew the high level of training I'd receive in this residency. I understood that it would be hard work and long hours, like any residency, but at the end I'd be extremely well trained. The program presents an extraordinary array of patients, from patients with limited resources and little medical care, to patients all the way at the other end of the spectrum. The wide variety of surgical opportunities, ample research support, supportive faculty, and tremendous residents are the icing on the cake.


Anna Natenzon, M.D. 

MD: New York University School of Medicine

BA: Columbia University

At first, I chose Einstein because I figured we would get great experience here, both clinically and academically. Now that I am here, I am very impressed by the attendings and residents. I made lots of friends, and we have a lot of fun here, even while we're at work. The days can be crazy, but it's a great time all around, and I'm very happy I chose Einstein!


Nicole Neto, M.D., Administrative Chief Resident 

MD: Tufts University School of Medicine

BA: University of California Berkeley

I chose Einstein because I felt that with all the resources available to me at this institution (clinical load, research opportunities, patient population) I could become the best doctor I can be, in addition to the fact that I wanted to live in new York. Now I'm glad I chose Einstein because I love everyone I work with including my co-residents, fellows, and attendings.


Jennifer Pitotti, M.D. 

MD: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

BS: University of Virginia

I chose Einstein for many reasons. I wanted a large residency in an urban environment with an under served population - all of which are definitely true of Einstein. Family Planning was also very important to me and Einstein's dedicated rotations to this topic were appealing. In the end this residency had all of the academics I was looking for and the people can't be beat!​


Kimone Powell, M.D. 

MD: Loma Linda University School of Medicine

MSN: University of Massachusetts

I grew up in the Bronx, so coming to Einstein was essentially coming home. Besides that, even as a sub-I, I found the environment to be very collegial and I knew I would feel at home here. Intern year is challenging in any program, but I have felt supported by my co-interns and seniors at Einstein. No one can argue about the complexity and volume of work that we do here, but the seniors and faculty in this program are invested in our success. The faculty members here are approachable, and you can actually present cases to attendings as an intern. It is busy and you can expect to work harder than you ever have in your life, but at the end of your training, you will be ready to face anything....because you will see almost everything here.


Renee Rolston, M.D. 

MD: New York Medical College

BS: The Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

The exceptional faculty dedicated to teaching and the extremely diverse patient population were some of the few things that attracted to me to Albert Einstein's Obstetrics and Gynecology residency program. At Albert Einstein there is a strong dedication to the advancement of women's health, and there is exposure to almost every obstetrical gynecological subspecialty. When I was applying to residency I knew that I wanted to go to a program in which I would be able to see it all and do it all and I can say with confidence that Albert Einstein will be able to provide me that experience.


Nickolas Teigen, M.D., Administrative Chief Resident 

MD: New York Medical College

BA: Boston University

I chose Einstein because of the diverse patient population and the many complex pathologies that one is exposed to in the Bronx. Also, the ability to train in all of the OBGYN sub-specialties made this program quite unique.

Our Residents

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