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Meet Our Residents: PGY2

Aleha Aziz, M.D. 

MD: Mount Sinai School of Medicine

MPH:Harvard School of Public Health

BA: Williams College

I chose to complete my residency at Einstein because I knew I would get training that was both clinically and academically rigorous. The program also has a strong global health component and its philosophy of commitment to underserved and disenfranchised populations locally appealed to me. Most importantly, Einstein felt like the right fit because of the people I would work with everyday - from an approachable administration, to attendings invested in my learning and growth, to a diverse group of very motivated co-residents.


Sydney Chang, M.D. 

MD: Duke University School of Medicine

BA Stanford University

I chose Einstein because I wanted to train at the program that would provide me with the greatest opportunities for growth--both as a physician, and as a person. Delivering babies and treating advanced gynecologic pathology in the Bronx certainly comes with its challenges, but each challenge that is overcome affords a sense of deep satisfaction, the sense that we are providing world-class care to the underserved, and being shaped into the best doctors we can possibly be.


Georgios Doulaveris, M.D. 

MD: University of Athens

I chose Albert Eistein College of Medicine because I wanted a program in which I would get plenty of experience while serving a diverse patient population. The people that I work with (residents, attendings, PAs, students) are amazing and everyone is interested in making sure that all the residents graduate feeling confident going into fellowship or practice. Finally Einstein is the best place for me to pursue my interest in basic science and clinical research in an academic setting with world famous scientists.


Pamela Escobar, M.D. 

MD: The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

BA: Brown University

I chose Einstein because I wanted a program that would provide a rigorous clinical training with a diverse patient population and pathology. The program director and resident staff are friendly and available for concerns which creates an environment that consistently seeks improvement.


Leora Joel, M.D. 

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

BA: Barnard College of Columbia University

I chose Einstein because when I spoke to senior residents and recent graduates of the program, without fail they said that Einstein is a tough and rigorous program, but when you come out of it you have seen it all. To me that is what is what's most important about a residency. Einstein produces excellent physicians because they have been exposed to an incredibly broad spectrum of obstetric and gynecologic cases. Now having been in residency for a few months, I can see that the young attendings who recently graduated Einstein and stayed within the system (and there are quite a few) are extremely competent and confident. That's how you want to be coming out of residency, and Einstein gives you that experience.


Julie Gutierrez, M.D. 

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

BS: Bates College

I chose Einstein because of the opportunity to provide world class care to an underserved population with an amazing variety of pathology. My mentors at Einstein share the same values and are always eager to have me participate in patient care.


Ismely Minaya, M.D. 

MD: Mount Sinai School of Medicine

BS: Brown University

I visited Einstein a few times before making my decision and each time I got the sense that the residents were graduating with the skills and confidence to be Ob/Gyn attendings anywhere. In addition, all of the faculty seemed to have great relationships with the residents they worked with, which I felt was also a great sign. Most importantly, the residents were welcoming and I felt right at home, so of course I had to choose Einstein.


Malte Renz, M.A, M.D. 

MD: Heinrigh-Heine-Universitaet Dusseldorf, Germany

MA: Academy of Fine Arts Dusseldorf

I completed my education as physician in Germany and have then worked for 7 years in the field of biomedical basic research; initially at the German Cancer Center (DKFZ, Heidelberg) and subsequently at the National Institutes of Health (NIH, Bethesda). During my stay at NIH, I was fortunate to win Dr. Irwin Arias and Dr. Alan DeCherney as my mentors and promoters. Dr. Arias and Dr. DeCherney suggested and encouraged to pursue my longstanding endeavor of combining clinical work as physician and biomedical basic research here at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.


Mengyang Sun, M.D. 

MD: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine

BA: Washington University

I chose Einstein because of the great training the residents get here. The residents here serve a really sick and underserved patient population, so by the time they graduate, they have seen it all and are not afraid of anything. I wanted that confidence, the knowledge that I can handle anything that comes my way when I'm the attending. In this program, there are an amazing number of faculty members with whom the residents work. Thus, they get to see a hundred different ways to handle different situations/procedures, and pick and choose from all the different options to find their own unique style. Also, there are unparalleled global health opportunities available here. The residents here can formulate their own global health projects or become involved in any of the numerous ongoing projects that different members of the faculty are spearheading. So if you're interested in global women's health, and are thinking about advancing in that direction for your future career, this is definitely the right program for you.


Lauren Turker, M.S., M.D. 

MD: University of Florida College of Medicine

MS: New York Medical College

I wanted a residency program that prepared me to be a competent and confident OB/Gyn. I knew that Einstein had the ability to help me reach my goals. The opportunity to learn from renowned faculty and take care of an under served population simultaneously is extremely unique and something I feel so fortunate to have in my residency program. Also you get to live in New York City, which is a total bonus.


Catherine Wu, M.D. 

MD: Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

BA: University of California

I chose to remain at Einstein because I felt the program had so much to offer in terms of the support the residents and attendings give to one another, the large spectrum of pathology that is seen, and the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of the truly underserved. Any program can train a competent attending, but Einstein is a program that I knew would challenge me to think and develop into a leader of my field.

Our Residents

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