Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience

Pasta Night

Pasta Night is held in Kennedy Center - Room 901.
Cooking starts at 5:00PM and attendees are encouraged to aid in preparation.
Dinner and discussion starts at 6:00PM.

Engage in lively scientific discussion and enjoy a homemade meal.
Break bread with your colleagues and enjoy. Everyone is invited and welcome!


03/30/17  Dr. Gyorgy Buzsáki discusses: "Space-time in navigation and memory" Suggested Reading
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10/14/16  Dr. David Hall discusses: "Science and Society"  
5/12/16  Dr. Eve Marder discusses: "From connectomics to dynamics" Menu &
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11/5/15  Dr. Aviv Bergman discusses: "Evolution" Suggested Reading,
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3/11/15  Dr. Rodolfo Llinás discusses: "Consciousness" Suggested Reading,
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12/10/14  Dr. Scott Emmons discusses: "The Connectome" Discussion,
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