Upcoming Seminars and Events

Thu 21

Thesis Seminar: Renee Symonds

Auditory attention is not a spotlight: Evidence for the representation of unattended sound sources in working memory and their impact on target processing during selective listening

Speaker: Renee Symonda


Hosted by: Dr. Elyse Sussman

1:00 PM
Rose F Kennedy Center 901
Fri 22

Works in Progress: Hayden Hatch, Meera Trivedi, Garrett Lee

Hayden Hatch (1st WIP- Secombe Lab)

Meera Trivedi (1st WIP - TBD Lab)

Garrett Lee (Buelow Lab)

12:15 PM
Rose F Kennedy Center 901
Thu 19

Guest Speaker: Dr. Ian Kimbrough

Vascular amyloidosis and the gliovascular unit in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Dr. Ian Kimbrough

Virginia Tech, School of Neuroscience

Hosted by: Dr. Dave Spray

12:00 PM
Rose F Kennedy Center 901