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The Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience hosts weekly seminars, works-in-progress, and journal club sessions aimed at provoking discourse, reflection and further direction of study based upon ongoing discoveries in the field. 

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Publication | Dr. Yonatan Fishman
Dr. Yonatan Fishman and collaborators published the following paper: Fishman YI, Steinschneider M, Micheyl C. Neural representation of concurrent harmonic sounds in monkey primary auditory cortex: implications for models of auditory scene analysis. J Neurosci. 34(37):12425-43, 2014....more

Thesis Defense | Stephen Briggs
Stephen Briggs (Galanopoulou Lab) successfully defended his thesis work: "A study on the pathogenesis and treatment of infantile spasms in rats."...more

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