The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship

This one-year, ACGME-accredited fellowship program in Clinical Neurophysiology includes two tracks: (1) an EEG track, directed by Dr. Alexis Boro, which focuses on EEG, video-EEG monitoring, evoked potentials, and the clinical evaluation and treatment of patients with epilepsy, including epilepsy surgery; and (2) an EMG track, directed by Dr. Steven Herskovitz, which focuses on EMG, nerve conduction studies, and the clinical evaluation and treatment of patients with neuromuscular disorders. Fellows in each track also receive training in the clinical neurophysiology techniques associated with the other track, as well as in other areas of clinical neurophysiology such as intraoperative monitoring and sleep medicine. The faculty have a broad range of interests in clinical and basic research. Our graduates are prepared for positions in either private practice or academic medicine. Click on the links below for further information about the program and the two tracks.

Clinical Neurophysiology - EEG and Epilepsy Track  

Clinical Neurophysiology - EMG and Neuromuscular Track  

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