The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Parent Gatherings

These events offer opportunities for parents:

  1. To network
  2. To strengthen relationships between families and experts in an informal setting
  3. To stay informed about practical topics relevant for their lives (e.g., legal tips, assistive technology, adaptive design, etc.)
  4. To stay updated on the research progress and learn about the neurobiology of symptoms that may affect their children (osteopenia, role of vitamins and supplements, autonomic dysfunction, sleepiness and alertness, etc.).

These events also offer opportunities for our specialists to learn from parents.

We are aware that the many obstacles, challenges and emotions experienced by families at their IEP meetings and in their daily lives are not described in our medical books. Therefore, Parent Gatherings are an opportunity for parents to teach their children's doctors. We are eager to listen and improve!

In order to help you better, we need to learn from you!

Have an idea that you would like discussed at our next Parent Gathering?  Please send an email to 


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