The Saul R. Korey Department of Neurology

Research Measures

The study will measure daily experiences, health assessments, emotion, and results of brain exercises. 

Daily experiences:

Participants will be asked to complete ratings on a smartphone throughout the day which will aim to measure changes in their mood and daily stresses.  Individuals may also be asked to complete some paper and pencil questionnaires.

Health assessments:

Our staff medical assistant will measure height, weight, and blood pressure. Blood will be drawn to assess biological factors related to aging. Participants will be given a saliva collection kit which will be used solely to measure cortisol, a chemical produced by stress.  

Brain Exercises:

You may be asked to play some brain games on a smartphone. These include tests of memory, speed, response, vocabulary and logical reasoning. When you visit our offices, you will be asked to play some additional games on our computers.  You may be asked to recall a series or words, numbers, or even play a card game.


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