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Date Time Seminar Host(s)/Contact Location
Fri 05.01.15 12:00 PM Friday Work-In-Progress:

"Radioimmunotherapy and anti-retroviral therapy: a one-two punch against HIV"
Dina Tsukrov Dadachova Lab
  Forchheimer Third Floor Lecture Hall
Tue 05.05.15 9:30 AM Immunology Journal Club:

"Tuning Cytokine Receptor Signaling by Re-orienting Dimer Geometry with Surrogate Ligands"

Weifeng Liu
"Rapid linkage of innate immunological signals to adaptive immunity by the brain-fat axis"
Abubakar Jalloh
David Fooksman
Gregoire Lauvau
Price 551
Fri 05.08.15 12:00 PM Friday Work-In-Progress:

"Targeting TNF-α Regulating Genes to Enhance Tuberculosis Vaccination"
Aaron Olsen Chan Lab
"The Role of Syndecan-1 in Plasma Cell Differentiation and Function"
Mark McCarron Fooksman Lab
  Forchheimer Third Floor Lecture Hall
Mon 05.11.15 12:00 PM "A Chemical Biology Approach to Probe the Function of the M.tuberculosis Kinases PknA and PknB"
Robert N. Husson, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Senior Physician, Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, MA
William R. Jacobs, Jr. LeFrak Auditorium, Price Center
Fri 05.15.15 12:00 PM Friday Work-In-Progress:

Tynisha Thomas Goldstein Lab
Kumar Neeraj Saini Porcelli Lab
  Forchheimer Fifth Floor Lecture Hall
Fri 05.22.15 12:00 PM Friday Work-In-Progress:

Biswas Rohan Chandran Lab
Kayla Weiss Jacobs Lab
  Forchheimer Third Floor Lecture Hall

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